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Jason & Jessica McLaren

My Fiancé and I decided we were ready to buy our first house, as you can imagine being first time home buyers almost everything runs through your head. Do we buy an existing home? Do we buy land and build a new home? What about a new construction home? After doing some digging we found that most of the homes we looked at were between thirty and fifty years old and right off we were finding stuff to remodel. We looked at buying land and building a house, but that would get expensive very fast considering the current oil production going on in Andrews. Then we stumbled on a new construction home, contacted the realtor and went for our first walk through. While the outside looked complete, the contractors had barely finished putting up the sheetrock on the inside. We knew right away this is the house that we wanted. As we finished the initial walk through, our realtor called the builder and set up a meeting. Saul Flores Jr and his wife, Irma, pulled out samples of what they had in mind for the house and asked our opinions. We went through carpet for the rooms, tile for the hallways and kitchen, hardwood for the living room, and even paint and trim for the walls. While we didn’t change much from their original ideas, it was almost like we had contracted them ourselves and every detail needed our final approval. They didn’t hesitate at all to make the changes we requested. Over the next few weeks we would stop by after work to see their progress. Saul and Chris would always welcome us with a smile and hand shake. They would even introduce us as the owners of the house. Anytime we noticed something that stuck out, we would point it out to him and it would be fixed, no questions asked.